Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cool NBA Commercial

I love seeing the great legends of the NBA on the court with today's superstars. This is pretty cool.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pre Season Highlight

I am so happy to have highlights to watch each day when I come home from work. I'm really looking forward to tons of Clippers highlights this year. DeAndre is living up to his last name with this dunk.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Playing With Those Who "Know"

Many times when I'm playing pickup games, I get stuck on a team of strangers and we struggle because there is no chemistry since we don't know what to expect from each other. I really hate it when that happens. Occasionally I encounter a new player whose style is compatible with mine and things just seem to click.

Some players are obviously more talented or athletic than others, but some have an intangible ability to communicate and play on a different level with their teammates. It's almost like they on a higher plane or have telepathic abilities when it comes to communicating with those they are playing with.

I refer to these people as guys who "know". Their understanding of the game and experience allows others to put their trust in them. These players don't have to bark out orders to their team or design planned plays to get the job done. Sometimes their communication is conveyed with just a glance, subtle gesture, body language, or just giving off vibes. These players are sometimes referred to as having eyes in the back of their head. Their anticipation, court awareness, and ability to see three or four steps ahead of the present make them very effective. Guys like Bird, Magic, and Nash fit this description.

These kind of players are known for taking advantage of their opponent by running the give and go, making  unexpected passes, or quick outlets. That sort of play is expected from guys who have played with each over time, but one of the most beautiful things about the sport is when two strangers get put together on the same team and have instant chemistry. It's rare when this happens, but I love playing with those kind of players.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bob Costas- Amen

I know this is supposed to be a basketball blog, but I thought I'd comment on the recent remarks of Bob Costas concerning excessive celebrations and showboating in the NFL since cocky celebrations are not just unique to football. I know many people have criticized his comments and want him to chill out saying it's just a game, but I think he has some very legitimate points.

I enjoy watching great plays and don't have a problem with spontaneous celebrations, but I'm getting sick of seeing so many lame, rehearsed post play attention seeking celebrations. Maybe I'm getting old and I'm probably not as fun as I used to be, but I agree with Costas and I'm glad someone brought this up.

PS- Turn your music down. It's too loud!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Good News

It appears the players and owners have reached an agreement and we may have NBA action starting up again on Christmas day. This is great news for a person with a blog dedicated to basketball. I was getting worried for a while there. I was considering changing the name of this blog to Morning Octagon and going the MMA route during the down time, but now we can get back to the sport we all love and hopefully see more action like this.

I can't remember if Van Gundy was able to submit Mourning with this submission hold or not but I would hate to mess with such a dangerous grappler.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Darryl Dawkins

Darryl Dawkins was one of my favorite players. Not only was Chocolate Thunder a power dunker, but he also had a very entertaining personality. How can you not like a guy who claims to originate from the planet Lovetron? I especially like the comments by Shaq at the end of this clip.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Lockout Sucks

I'm surprised how many basketball fans don't really seem to care about the lockout. I think it's a shame and a waste. I recently came across this image by artist is Larry Johnson. I'm guessing it's not the "Grandmama" Johnson.

Monday, October 17, 2011

The "And One" Guy

Occasionally when I play a pickup game of basketball I will come across a guy who is an "And One" enthusiast. This means they love to call out that they were fouled when they make a basket.

I'll be the first to admit that it's cool to make a potential three point play and it's okay to say it, but if you find yourself saying "and one" more than a couple times during a game or every time you make a basket and there are players around you, then you are a jerk.-F.Y.I.

Seriously, even if you are fouled every single time you make a basket you don't need to announce it to everyone. Leave it to the refs, announcers, and your teammates.

This is my public service announcement to remind you not to be that guy. Nobody likes the cocky "and one" guy.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

What I Will Miss The Most

I really don't want to see the upcoming NBA season cancelled, but it doesn't look good. The thing that I am going to miss the most is not seeing Blake Griffin's amazing highlights every night.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

NBA Players Feel the Financial Pinch

It appears that the NBA lockout is going to kill the upcoming season. This means players are not going to be getting their usual paychecks in November. As a result, many players have looked at the option of playing overseas to replace their income. Others have had to cut back on luxuries, become more thrifty, and heaven forbid, even entertained the idea of getting a regular job.

I recently heard that Delonte West had applied for a job at Home Depot. I thought it was a joke at first, but I have seen it reported from several news sources. I'm not sure if it was just a publicity stunt, but Home Depot does have a history of employing athletes as they prepare for the Olympics.

I have mixed feelings about this. First of all, I admire someone who can swallow their pride and take a massive pay cut and is willing to work at jobs that other players may feel are below them. At the same time, I can't imagine a new employee making more than $20 an hour there, so it makes me wonder if he couldn't just find some sort of endorsement deal that would pay better. (Never mind-I just remembered that he has tattoos on his neck and a criminal record).

What really freaks me out about this story is the fact that a guy who was playing in the NBA just months ago and has 7 years experience in the league appears to be out of money. Even if you are the worst player in the NBA and sit on the bench every game and make the minimum salary, you should still be able to save enough for a situation like this.

I should not criticize others for how they handle money. I'm no Mark Cuban. I have, however, learned to live modestly since I have as many kids to support as Shawn Kemp. I'm just shocked when I hear that guys who were making good money for years are broke. He must have attended the MC Hammer school of money management.

I thought I might be of service to NBA players who find themselves in a tight spot when it comes to their finances. Since I learned how to scrape by years ago, I can share some suggestions for NBA players who may be feeling a pinch on their lifestyle as a result of the lockout.

* Trade your Mercedes in for a Kia Optima (the official car of the NBA)

* Order your soft drinks with less ice to get more for your  money.

* Marry a Kardashian. I hear they are loaded and there are still a couple left.

* Try to break into the movies like Kareem, Shaq, Rick Fox, and Gheorghe Muresan did.

* If you have a posse or entourage, you may want let some of them go since it it hard to afford parasites when times are tough.

* Go back to school and finish your degree if you never did.

* Pray the lockout ends soon.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Jock Strap

I remember when I graduated from grade school and moved to the big leagues of Jr. high. I was introduced to some awkward things like public showers and having to wear a jock strap during P.E. class. Since I played sports, I quickly became accustomed to athletic supporters and over time, wearing one meant that you were serious about your sport and were ready to play. It wasn't until about 5 years ago that I finally phased them out of my life.

Several years ago I wore an old supporter during a 5K race and by the time I got home, the serrated leg straps had carved some nasty lines into the back of my legs. I'm not sure what material it was made out of, but the straps may have just as well been made of bicycle chains. When I went shopping for a new one, I noticed they were harder to find and I only saw them being sold with cups for sports like martial arts and baseball.

I'm usually 10 years behind the times, so I finally realized that jock straps are "old school" have been replaced by spandex undershorts. I love them. They are comfortable and don't ever lose their elasticity and don't cause chafing. (and as an added bonus they don't put your cheeks on display for everyone in the locker room.)

An athletic supporter is to today's athlete what a rotary phone is to today's 911 dispatcher. I am glad that jock straps have joined the obsolete crowd of carburetors, vinyl records, and VHS tapes. Long live spandex undershorts!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Euroleague Insights

With the recent NBA lockout, there has been talk of some players going to Europe to play ball. I have respect for anyone who plays professional ball weather it be in the NBA or overseas. There have been many great players who have come out of Europe and I am not trying to disrespect the talent, however, I do find a couple things amusing about the European leagues.

The other day I was watching some highlights from Euroleague and nearly busted up laughing at the announcers. I believe it was a team from Greece playing one from Turkey and every player's name had about 7 syllables so it made for some tricky commentating.

The players in Europe seems to be much more physical. I think I would prefer playing against better talent and looking like an untalented fool as opposed to playing with more physical players and looking like a wimp.

What's up with the ball? The red, white, and blue balls were cool in the ABA, but the two-toned and striped ones are ugly.

I thought I had seen some ugly uniforms in the NBA over the years, but at least they were not bright neon and pin striped.

There are some other strange subtleties that I can't remember right now but watching European ball is kind of like watching a Canadian football game and then noticing something disturbing like a field goal planted in middle of the end zone.

I guess I should not be too critical of European ball since that may be all I have to watch next year for my basketball highlights if the NBA doesn't get things resolved soon.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tattoos in the NBA

I was recently watching an NBA All star game that I had recorded back in 1992. As I was watching the game, something jumped out at me. I could not see any tattoos on the players and Dennis Rodman was even playing in the game! Things have sure changed over the last 20 years. Now it's rare to find a player with virgin skin.

Kenyon Martin, DeShawn Stevenson, J.R. Smith, Carlos Boozer all sport a ton of tattoos, but The Birdman has taken it to new levels over the last couple of years and has to be the most inked player. Not to be outdone, Andrei Kerilenko got a beast of a tattoo on his back during the post season.

  Maybe having some winged D & D monster on his back will give AK some more lift. Maybe it will intimidate other players. It will probably just make them wonder what he was thinking.

I was recently surprised to learn that Kevin Durrant has a ton of tattoos on his torso, but you'd never know from seeing him in uniform. I suppose some guys are a little more subtle than others. That's probably a smart business move if you want to project a clean image and be more likely to get endorsements by relating to a broader segment of society.

I'm not going to judge players who opt for tattoos, but they can be distracting and I think many guys are going overboard. I just feel bad for the players who have poor quality or lame tattoos, but I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Steroids in The NBA?

Several months ago I came across a blog called Tennis Has a Steroid Problem. It has quite a following and points fingers at many popular players and accuses them of steroid or other illegal drug use in order to gain an advantage. I haven't really followed tennis since the 80's, so I'm not too familiar with today's tennis stars, but it got me wondering about steroid use in other sports including the NBA.

Some people say that steroids would only benefit athletes involved in football, wrestling, track, or other power sports, but I can't think of a sport where athletic performance may not benefit from steroid use. There are many critics who say bulking up would detract from a player's game. I'd like to remind those people to look at professional cycling which is an endurance sport, but has been hit hard with drug scandals. When you are talking about being faster, bigger, and stronger, and healing from injuries and recovering quicker, then using any sort of PED (Performance Enhancing Drug) can be a temptation.

Mr. bowling ball shoulders
A couple years ago Orlando's Rashard Lewis tested positive and was suspended for several games, but besides that, there have not been any high profile cases I know of. I don't believe the NBA's drug testing procedures are as stringent as they are in other sports. Several months ago it was rumored that Derrick Rose said performance enhancing drugs were prevalent in the NBA, although he later denied that statement.

I know some people would point fingers at some of the bigger more muscular players when this topic comes up. Names like Dwight Howard, Lebron James, and Blake Griffin might come to mind due to their impressive physiques and athleticism. I understand that today's athletes spend alot more time in the weight room than players did 25 years ago so greater musculature should be expected. I am NOT accusing the players mentioned above of using steroids, HGH, or other PEDS, but it would be very naive of us to think that it is not happening in the NBA since it is so prevalent in many other sports.

I don't want to be one of those guys who accuses everyone who is bigger or stronger than them of being on the juice. I know people come in all shapes and sizes and genetics and training has a huge impact on one's physique and performance, but at the same time, there is part of me that wonders about what goes on behind the scenes with trainers and doctors in order to give a player an additional advantage.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beware of the Kimbo and Lesner Match

This post doesn't have much to do with the basketball, but it came about as a result of watching sports highlights yesterday on Youtube. I started watching some old NBA clips but after a while I somehow drifted over to viewing some MMA highlights. I then came across several links featuring a Brock Lesnar and Kimbo Slice fight. I never remembered these two fighting each other, so I clicked on it expecting to see some extreme violence.

Instead, I got Rick Rolled. I was kind of mad, but it made me laugh on the inside. I hate that song so bad, but now whenever some prankster springs it on me, I just shake my head and laugh. I guess this post is mostly a public service announcement. If you see any YouTube highlights for a fight between Brock Lesnar and Kimbo Slice, don't click on them. They are all either dumb video game match ups or Rick Astley dancing.

On the bright side of things. I have a new idea for what I am going to do when I die and my kids all gather at the attorney's office to hear my will and see what I left them. I think I will leave them a video taped message from me to watch together and I think I know how it is going to start.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Screw Ups

The other day I was trying to get a rebound and accidentally tipped the ball up into the opposing team's basket. We were killing the other team so it wasn't a big deal, but I still felt like an idiot. Sometimes these mistakes can be big ones. Here are some embarrassing moments that make your bad pass or air ball not seem so bad after all.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You've been dunked on

Why did so many guys love victimizing Bradley?

Boxing Shaq out- easier said than done
Getting dunked on even happens to the best players

Too late to escape the poster

Dunked On and Over

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The 75 Greatest NBA Players of All Time

During the 1997 All Star Weekend, the NBA came out with their list of the greatest 50 players of All Time. I agreed with most of the players they chose, but I feel that some players got ripped off (Dominique Wilkins, Maurice Cheeks, Gary Payton). Ever since then, I have wondered what criteria should be used to determine the greatest players. Is it winning championships, being an All-Star, holding league records or just having a long and successful career?

As suspected, many of the old timers no longer qualify for the top 50 spots since it has been 14 years and younger players have climbed the ranks and taken their place since then. I don't mean to disrespect any of the legends who had previously been voted in, but some of them simply did not belong to begin with. Billy Cunningham and David Bing? Come on! I also thought Shaq was awarded the honor prematurely, but has obviously earned it by now.

In an attempt to measure the great players, I've messed around with formulas that give credit for how long someone played in the NBA, every year they were selected as an All-Star, each championship they earned, each MVP, and for being in the top all time leaders for Points, Rebounds, Blocks, Assists, and Steals.

After compiling my spreadsheet results I still did not agree with some of the rankings because there are just some intangibles that are hard to quantify. Kareem actually came out with the highest total of all players according to my formula. So I have listed my "gut' version of the 75 All time greatest NBA players. The players highlighted in yellow were not listed in the NBA's original top 50 players list.

1. Michael Jordan *
2. Wilt Chamberlain *
3. Bill Russell *
4. Kareem Abdul Jabbar *
5. Magic Johnson *
6. Shaquille O'Neal *
7. Oscar Robertson *
8. Larry Bird *
9. Hakeem Olajuwon *
10. Kobe Bryant *
11. Moses Malone *
12. Julius Erving *
13. Karl Malone *
14. Charles Barkley *
15. Elgin Baylor
16. Elvin Hayes
17. Bob Cousy *
18. John Havlicek
19. John Stockton
20. Bob Pettit*
21. Jerry West
22. Tim Duncan *
23. Lebron James * 
24. David Robinson *
25. Patrick Ewing
26. Dave Cowens *
27. Allen Iverson *
28. Scottie Pippen
29. Wes Unseld *
30. Hal Greer
31. Rick Barry
32. Dirk Nowitzki *
34. George Mikan
34. Kevin Garnett *
35. Clyde Drexler
36. Isiah Thomas
37. Kevin McHale
38. Willis Reed
39. George Gervin
40. Walt Frazier
41. Sam Jones
42. Pete Maravich
43. Bill Walton *
44. James Worthy
45. Lenny Wilkins
46. Dominique Wilkins
47 Alex English
48. Nate Thurmond
49. Robert Parrish
50. Bob Mcadoo *
51. Earl Monroe
52. Nate Archibald
53. Walt Bellamy
54. Jerry Lucas
55. Jason Kidd
56. Gary Payton
57. Dennis Rodman
58. Maurice Cheeks
59. Dwayne Wade
60. Steve Nash *
61. Reggie Miller
62. Alonzo Mourning
63. Dave DeBusschere
64. Paul Arzin
65. Bernard King
65. Dolph Schayes
67. Paul Pierce
67. Dikembe Motumbo
69. Adrian Dantley
70. Ray Allen
71. Kevin Durrant
72. Chris Paul
73. Bill Sharman
74. David Bing
75. Billy Cunningham

I'm sure many people would disagree with some of these rankings. I'd love to discuss any suggestions you might have for this list.

* Named as league MVP at least once.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nice Recovery

I remember seeing Andrew Bogut mess up his arm really bad in 2010 and I remember thinking how that could have been a career ending injury. Here is the clip. (warning-it is pretty nasty to watch)

I was impressed to see him come back so quickly. Here is a clip of him taking it to Amare who just happened to be the player he injured it against. I love the hard dunk at the end.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Enforcers

I'd like to review some of the bad boys of the NBA who have reputations for being very physical and tough. Some of these guys may have been known for being cheap hatchet men, others may be known for starting fights and others for never backing down to an opponent. One thing they all have in common was their preference for physical play.

I'd like to differentiate between tough as in gritty, hard working, physical players like Steve Nash, Allen Iverson, Kobe, or Rondo as opposed to tough (most likely to have a physical altercation with their opponent). This post is for the men who developed reputations as intimidating enforcers. Here is my list.

Bill Lambier
Rasheed Wallace
Kenyon Martin
Charles Oakley
Karl Malone
Shaquille O'Neal
Ben Wallace
Rick Mahorn
Charles Barkley
Xavier McDaniel
Ron Artest
Dennis Rodman
Maurice Lucas

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some Great Highlights

If you are like me and have been missing your usual fix of NBA highlights, I found a nice clip featuring both recent and classic highlights from years ago. Enjoy.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Oldest NBA Players

With Shaq recently retiring, it got me thinking of some of the older players in the league. The NBA season can take a toll on an athlete's body so I am always impressed when I see some of the older players still competing.

Here are just some of the guys who extended their careers into their 40's. Kevin Willis 44, Robert Parrish 43, Dikembe Mutombo 42, Kareem  Abdul Jabbar 42, John Stockton 41, and Karl Malone 40. I'm surprised that so many big men were able to hold up for so many years.

Here is a list of last seasons oldest players. It will be intersting to see which ones will be retiring first from this group. Any predictions?

Jason Kidd
Derek Fisher
Marcus Camby
Theo Ratliff
Steve Nash
Juwan Howard
Ben Wallace
Grant Hill
Kurt Thomas

FYI- Andrew Bynum holds the record for being the youngest player to ever play in the NBA.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Post Season Depression

It's been a year since I started this blog and I can think of no better way to celebrate than being depressed because basketball season is over. I think it's good to take a break, but I miss seeing the daily highlights.

Just like some new mothers get post partum depression, I get post-playoff depression. I feel like I am being mocked when I check for scores and highlights but am only able to see hockey and baseball. 

I know it will be hard for the next several months, but what really makes it hard is the possibility of labor disputes delaying things even further.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Best NBA Player's Nicknames

If you are a popular NBA player, it's common to have a nickname. Sometimes players sound more like super heroes than they do athletes when you hear some of their aliases. Below I have listed just some of the more popular NBA player's nicknames. I have categorized them by how good I think the names are.

Favorite Nicknames
Dr. J- Julius Erving
Chocolate Thunder- Daryl Dawkins
The Diesel- Shaquille O'Neal
The Iceman- George Gervin
Magic- Ervin Johnson
Thunder-Dan Majerle
Air- Michael Jordan
The Microwave- Vinnie Johnson

Decent Nicknames
The Mailman- Karl Malone
The Glide-Clyde Drexler
AK47- Andrei Kirilenko
The Pistol-Pete Maravich
The Human Highlight Reel- Dominique Wilkins
Dr. Dunkenstein- Darrell Griffith
The Big Ticket- Kevin Garnett

Don't Really Care For These Names
The Dream- Hakeem Olajuwon
The Black Mamba- Kobe Bryant
The Matrix- Shawn Marion
The Birdman- Chris Andersen
The Stilt- Wilt Chamberlain
Silk- Jamaal Wilkes
The Truth- Paul Pierce
Zeke- Isaiah Thomas

Horrible Nicknames
The Round Mound of Rebound- Charles Barkley
Big Country-Bryant Reeves
The Whopper- Billy Paultz
Z-Bo- Zach Randolph
The Big O-Oscar Robertson
The Custodian- Brain Cardinal
The Worm- Dennis Rodman

Friday, June 10, 2011

NBA Conspiracy Theories

I haven't heard as much talk from basketball conspiracy theorists this year as I have in the past. Their theory is that the NBA wants the bigger teams to go to the finals and win the championship each year. They believe that teams like the Lakers, Bulls, and Knicks are more likely to advance because they make more money for "the man" because of their large fan base as opposed to smaller markets like the Jazz, Kings, and Grizzlies.

There are times when I see some bad calls which make me entertain the idea that a ref may want a particular outcome for the game.  I will admit that All stars and veterans get preferential treatment from the refs, but that's noting new. As much as I think the NBA would love to have the most popular teams with the biggest draw in the post season, I don't believe that games are thrown in an effort to get them to the finals.

As tempting as it is to give credence to some of these theories, I think many of them are promoted by disgruntled fans who's teams were eliminated from the play offs. The day the NBA starts to hire WWE refs, then I may change my mind on this topic. Even if the commissioner and the refs were trying to produce a particular outcome, I think it would just make a victory that much sweeter for the underdog teams.

Speaking of conspiracy theories, have you ever looked closely at the NBA lottery machine?  I heard there is a computer chip that controls it which is manufactured by a company which is owned by the Federal Reserved and the Illuminati.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

NBA Finals- Finally

The NBA is finally down to the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat. This should be a good rematch of the 2006 finals, but I can't believe we have to wait until Tuesday for the first game. I have a feeling if the NBA thought they could get away with extending the playoffs into July, they would try it.

I'm sure there are many bitter Cleveland fans who will cheering for Dallas. I still can't believe how ugly things got for Lebron when he left Cleveland. He was the icon of the city for so many years, then instantly became their worst enemy by choosing to continue his career with another team. I know there are many Miami haters out there, but I enjoy watching them play and I'd like to see Miami bring home another championship. That won't be an easy task for them if Dirk keeps playing like he has been.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Wore Short Shorts...

I was a product of the 80's, so it was normal to wear John Stockton shorts. Nobody seemed to mind back then, since we didn't know any better. We figured if those shorts were good enough for Dr. J, Magic, and Bird, then they were good enough for us, too.

Despite my complacency with the style back then, there was one occasion when I felt a little uncomfortable. During my senior year in high school, I was invited to play in a county all-star game. I was the last guy to get there when they were handing out uniforms, so I got last pick. Despite being one of the bigger players, I ended up with the smallest pair of shorts. My teammates felt bad for me, but not bad enough to trade. That moment was preserved for posterity thanks to this photo (that's me trying to guard Goliath).

It's hard to get your kids to think you were cool when they see pictures of how short your shorts were. It's also hard to lecture them about modesty after they see that. I think today's styles have gone too far in the opposite direction. I feel like I'm wearing a tent when I try on the baggy short styles of today. I hate to say this, but I kind of like shorter shorts as long as you can wear spandex under them ala Kenny Sky Walker.

I know... you are thinking that is just as bad, but I don't care. At least I finally got rid of my striped knee high tube socks.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Basketball Screamers

I remember watching UNLV beat Duke for the 1990 NCAA championship. At one point during the game, Moses Scurry got a rebound and screamed like he had just been disemboweled.

What was funny about this was the fact that there was no one near him and he didn't even have to fight for the rebound, yet he gave out this intense yell like he had just killed his enemy in battle. That was the moment I started noticing screamers.

I enjoy seeing players who are passionate and intense, but sometimes they can go overboard. If you dunk over a defender during a last second play to win the game, then I think an emotional scream is expected, but the situation should warrant such a display of emotion. I don't want to hear any screams after a player makes both of his foul shots in the first quarter.

I've noticed that the Celtics are the worst offenders when it comes to this. I hate seeing Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnet beat their chest, scream, and scowl every time they make a good play or get an and one call. There are many other emotional players in the NBA who are known for this including Carlos Boozer, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Joakim Noah.

When I see an amazing play, I have no problem with a player going primal and celebrating, but just make sure the play is worthy of the celebration.

Monday, May 9, 2011

To All The Haters

With the Maverik's recent sweep of the Lakers, I am reminded of how emotional fans can get towards certain teams and players. I never realized there were so many Laker haters out there.

When the Internet was new (right after Al Gore invented it), I remember checking out some sports chat rooms to see what they were all about. The conversations usually went like this:

Shaq is the best!
Whatever- David Robinson is better.
What? He's too soft. You are crazy to like the Spurs.
You're an idiot.
No, you are you stupid *%!#!
.....repeated 100 times back and forth and laced with profanity and misspelled words.

I guess message boards haven't changed much over time. I can't stand reading comments on YouTube highlights. Regardless of what the video shows, there are always stupid comments from critics who hate the player and have to vent their hatred. I've noticed this is very common for Lebron and Kobe fans going back and forth saying how bad the other player is.

I have some news for these brilliant commenters. The most pathetic player who rides the bench in the NBA is still better than 99% of the population when it comes to basketball skills. So when you comment and say that Kobe sucks, don't be ridiculous. You can say you don't like him, but how can anyone say that the 6th leading all time scorer in the NBA history sucks?

You are welcome to your opinions, but please use the proper descriptions to describe a player you are trying to bash. You can rip them for their looks, a poor game they had, because of the team they are on, or because you lost money betting on them, but please don't be so lazy and just say "they suck" just because you don't like them.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Unfair Ejection?

I'm not a Paul Pierce fan and I'd love to see Miami beat Boston, but I have to admit Pierce got a raw deal when he was thrown out of Sunday's game. His first technical foul came after he was hammered while trying to get a jump shot off after faking his defender into the air. He approached James Jones after the hard foul and got in his face. The contact he initiated could not be considered a head butt unless you are using soccer standards.

Later Pierce set a pick on Dwayne Wade and was given a technical for "verbal taunting" after the collision. I have never seen a player tossed quicker for doing less in my life (unless you count Tim Duncan being ejected by Joey Crawford for laughing while sitting on the bench.)

Watching the replay and seeing the ref's quick and exaggerated body language reminded me of an umpire throwing out an angry manager after he's been arguing and carrying on in front of the fans. I had a feeling he was just itching to toss someone.

As unfair as some think this may have been, it is still a good thing since it will make the playoffs more exciting and has primed the pump for all the conspiracy theorists to come out of the woodwork.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

NBA Player Look A Likes

I've noticed that some NBA players have uncanny resemblances to certain celebrities.  I really think the guys below are dead ringers for their evil twins. If you were going to make a movie about the NBA, these are the guys I'd cast for the part since they seem to have been separated at birth.

Aaron Brookes and Chris Rock

Kyle Korver and Ashton Kutcher

Robert Horry and Will Smith

Andrei Kirelinko and Dolph Lundgren

Manu Ginobli and Bronson Pinchot

Sunday, April 17, 2011

NBA Playoff Intensity

The NBA playoffs are finally upon us. It's nice to see teams buckle up and get down to business. I can't blame NBA players for sometimes playing at half speed since the season is so long, but it's always nice to see the intensity pickup again during the playoffs.

Some signs of playoff intensity include diving for balls, ending up on the floor more often, hard fouls, fights, and players actually playing defense!

Having so many talented and competitive players all competing for one championship can make the sport more exciting to watch. I wonder how fun the games would be if they didn't keep score and they gave all the players a championship trophy at the end of the year.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Problem I have with Jimmer...

It has been fun to see Jimmer have a great year and collect a ton of awards. As much as I've enjoy watching him play, I recently realized there is something about him I don't appreciate. Because of his ridiculous shooting range, there are now countless young men trying to copy him and shoot three pointers a good 3-10 feet behind the three point line. Why is this a problem? Because they always seem to be guys that I'm stuck with on my team when I play pickup games!

Just today I had a kid on my team who was literally shooting 40 foot shots during our game. Seriously? They were more like Hail Mary passes than basketball shots. It's starting to rub off on everyone and it only gets reinforced when they occasionally make one.

Not many people can even attempt to dunk the ball from the free throw line, but any deluded soul can take 3 point shots that are well beyond their range. I've got a bad feeling that this is only going to get worse. Why do all the Jimmer wanna-be players always have to be on my team?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Basketball + Wrestling = Entertainment

I think it is time that we combine two of the most entertaining sports into the perfect hybrid. I'm talking about  the NBA and the WWE. Can you imagine mixing the athletic plays of the NBA with the theatrics of professional wrestling?

If we could replace David Stern with Vince McMahon just imagine how much more exciting things would be. I know he already attempted this with the XFL, but he was looking at the wrong sport. Here are ten reasons why this merger would make the NBA more exciting.

1. The pyrotechnic introductions and theme music for each team would be improved. They'd swagger in from the portal instead of the customary introduction from the bench.

2. We'd see much more passionate interviews. Instead of the standard generic catch phrases and boring interviews, we'd hear inflammatory rhetoric and passionate speeches.

3. There would be improved behind the scenes locker room footage as we got a sneak peak of how players were planning to conspire against their rivals.

4. If you thought Joey Crawford missed some calls in the past, just wait until he is being distracted by Paul Pierce while Kevin Garnett has Chris Bosh in a choke hold.

5. The teams would get new exciting names. Boring names like Pacers, Knicks, Cavs would be replaced with Team Fury, The Punishers, and Shock and Awe. They'd also get new and improved costumes uniforms.

6. Each player would have a signature move or shot they would finish their opponent off with.

7. Folding chairs, tables, and ladders might occasionally make their way onto the court which would make things more dangerous and exciting.

8. Players might suddenly turn against their teammates and switch alliances to the opposing team in the middle of a game.

9. No more wimpy stuff like 3 seconds in the key, hanging on the rim, or technical fouls!

10. This sport would be a perfect place for many of the already expert floppers of the NBA to further showcase their acting skills.

Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman didn't even scratch the surface of this opportunity back when they gave it a shot.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The All-Caveman Team

Over the years I've noticed that some NBA players do a better job of maintaining a clean appearance than others. Some players might look scruffy, but a select few take the neglected look to a whole new level. Here are 5 guys I think would qualify for the NBA All-Caveman team. I am not necessarily saying these guys ugly. The caveman look is self imposed. They all look much better when they are cleaned up.

Pau Gasol- I can't watch a Lakers game anymore without wishing I could make Gasol get a shave and haircut.

Robin Lopez- I saw him freaking out on the sidelines earlier this season and he looked like a caveman who had seen fire for the first time.

Joakim Noah- I didn't like his long hair when he was in college and it's only gotten worse as he's combined it with splotchy facial hair. 

Dirk Nowitzki- He's experimented with the entire spectrum over the years and has gone from a buzz haircut to this hippy look.

Andrew Bogut- I like him as a player, but he has recently adopted the caveman look.

I'll be the first to admit that these guys are great basketball players and I hate to judge them by their appearance, but sometimes I can't tell if I'm watching Quest for Fire or an NBA game.