Friday, June 10, 2011

NBA Conspiracy Theories

I haven't heard as much talk from basketball conspiracy theorists this year as I have in the past. Their theory is that the NBA wants the bigger teams to go to the finals and win the championship each year. They believe that teams like the Lakers, Bulls, and Knicks are more likely to advance because they make more money for "the man" because of their large fan base as opposed to smaller markets like the Jazz, Kings, and Grizzlies.

There are times when I see some bad calls which make me entertain the idea that a ref may want a particular outcome for the game.  I will admit that All stars and veterans get preferential treatment from the refs, but that's noting new. As much as I think the NBA would love to have the most popular teams with the biggest draw in the post season, I don't believe that games are thrown in an effort to get them to the finals.

As tempting as it is to give credence to some of these theories, I think many of them are promoted by disgruntled fans who's teams were eliminated from the play offs. The day the NBA starts to hire WWE refs, then I may change my mind on this topic. Even if the commissioner and the refs were trying to produce a particular outcome, I think it would just make a victory that much sweeter for the underdog teams.

Speaking of conspiracy theories, have you ever looked closely at the NBA lottery machine?  I heard there is a computer chip that controls it which is manufactured by a company which is owned by the Federal Reserved and the Illuminati.

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