Saturday, August 18, 2012

NBA Memes on Facebook

I like the NBA Memes on Facebook. They usually have some 
funny stuff there. That's where these came from.

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Big News in L.A.

You might think the title to this post is about the Lakers landing Dwight Howard and dealing Bynum. That's big news, but I'm even more surprised by what I read yesterday about Kobe's statement that he has nothing to learn from his fellow Olympian teammates.

I am not a Kobe hater but I'm sure those who are can't wait to jump all over him for that statement. I understand that he is the elder statesman on the team and has had a distinguished career so he is where most of his teammates would like to be down the road, but saying he has nothing to learn from them is ridiculous.

Maybe his comment was completely sarcastic and was meant as a joke, or taken out of context, but if he seriously believes he has nothing to learn from his fellow All Stars, then maybe he is right and he is done improving.

I would think that any great player would never stop learning from their teammates and opponents. That doesn't mean he has to idolize them or have posters of Lebron and Durrant hanging in his bedroom.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new look Lakers next season. It's too bad Kobe won't be learning anything from Steve Nash because it wouldn't hurt his game to be able to dish out a few more assists.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chuck Taylor Converse

I have a lot of respect for the old school players. Not only did they have to play in black and white (according to the old footage I've seen), but they also played while wearing horrendous footwear. I can't believe that some guys played professional ball while wearing Chucky T's.

First of all, I really like the Converse brand and Weapons were my shoe of choice when I was younger. I wish Converse made more basketball shoes these days. I had a pair of Chuck Taylor canvas shoes when I was in high school, but they were just worn for leisure and I would never think of seriously playing in them.

Old canvas basketball shoes are the equivalent of the old leather football helmets that football players used to wear when they would try to win one for the Gipper. It makes me wonder how much longer some of the old legends could have played if they had today's hi tech footwear as opposed to the shoes they wore which pretty much resembled bowling shoes.

The other day when I was at the mall, I slipped into a Foot Locker store in order to avoid a pushy kiosk salesperson. While I was there I noticed how expensive the basketball shoes were. I can't see paying over $100 for a pair of shoes and they had pairs for close to $200. The kid working there said he owned 7 pairs of Kobe shoes. I guess I know what he does with his paycheck each week.

My hat is off to the players who had less than ideal equipment, gear, and shoes to play in, yet still excelled at the sport.