Friday, November 1, 2013

When You Don't Want to Pay the NBA...

I remember buying a Michael Jordan poster in the 80's that featured MJ in the dunk contest his rookie year. That particular poster looked a little odd since it showed him wearing his Chicago Bulls jersey but it was solid red. I later realized it was because someone didn't want to pay the NBA extra for using the Bulls logo on their poster.

The other day I was at the store and saw a display that reminded me of that. I guess Sunny Delight didn't have enough in their advertising budget to include Gordon Hayward's Jazz logo on their ad.

This whole licensing idea reminds me of an old Pony shoe commercial where Orlando Woolridge and Spud Webb were shown dunking wearing some unrecognizable white uniforms as opposed to their regular team uniforms.

Few things make me more sad than seeing a professional athlete who is not able to wear their regular jersey for a product endorsement or a commercial.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pickup Basketball Stereotypes

I've previously posted about the 14 kinds of players who drive me crazy. I recently saw that Dude Perfect made a video about the most common stereotypes you see from guys playing pickup ball.

I loved this video and thought many of these were spot on. Even though these players can be annoying and drive you crazy, I guess they add variety to the game and make it more entertaining. By the way, I'm guilty of being "my bad" and the occasional "rage monster" and am slowly becoming the "old guy".

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Time to Brag

I have never collected sports cards, but back in 1985 I bought a pack of Star trading cards. I had Michael Jordan's rookie card but he wasn't dunking in it so I ended up tossing it. I recently told this to some guys in a sports card trading shop and they just shook their head and looked at me like I was an idiot. Maybe they were right.

In a related story, when I was a teenager I got a scratch off card with a slurpee I bought at 7-11. I ended up scratching off three spider men in a row which meant it was the winning card for a new bike. I lost it before I could redeem it.

I hate it when I hear stories about people picking up Rembrandt paintings at garage sales. I guess I help balance out things in the universe so things like that are possible for others.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This a test- NBA Finals

I'm excited for the NBA finals. I don't have comment moderation controls on this blog since I thought it discourages commenting. My other blogs get much more traffic but not nearly as many comments as Morning Hoop. Some of the comments I get crack me up. It is very rare to see any comments any more that pertain in the least little bit to the topic and that aren't just there to promote their site.

So in an effort to see if anyone actually reads these posts or if they are just spamming, I'd like to do an experiment. If you actually care about the NBA then just list one of the names of the two remaining teams who are playing for the championship somewhere in your comment. I have given you a hint above. I am willing to bet that more than 50 percent of those commenting will fail the test.

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Grizzlies Advance

I have been impressed with the Memphis Grizzlies this year and was surprised to see them finish off the Clippers and Thunder as easily as they did. I acknowledge the fact that they are a good team (obviously one of the 4 best this year), and I appreciate the fact that they have done it without any major super stars but I still really struggle warming up to their team.

Of all the teams in the NBA they are one of my least favorite. Why? I'm not sure. I think Gasol is a great defender and has some of the best ball handling skills I've seen from a big man but I still have a hard time cheering for them. Zach Randolph is very productive for someone who looks like he has no business being on a basketball court. Aside from Tayshaun Prince and Mike Conley the rest of their team is essentially a group of no-names. How have they been so successful?

Anyway, I don't want to upset any Memphis fans and I'm not trying to be disrespectful. I just wanted to say I will continue to root for the Grizzlie's opponents, even though Memphis has earned my respect.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

All Time NBA Stats Leaders and The Playoffs

I love following the all time leaders in the NBA when it comes to scoring, rebounds, blocks, assists, and steals. I regularly track the progress that all of the old timers make each month as they continue to move up the chart. Last month Kobe passing Wilt Chamberlain was probably the most notable one.

One thing that I just don't understand is why the NBA does not count playoff games as part of a player's all time stats totals. I can no longer update my stats spreadsheet each April even though I still continue to see players like Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Tim Duncan, and Steve Nash playing. When the regular season ends, the NBA does not acknowledge their continued accomplishments until next season.

It would seem that playoff ball should be the most deserving of being acknowledged in their stats since the intensity is ratcheted up and the players are playing so much harder than during the regular season. I can understand not including pre-season or exhibition games in a players total stats but I think it is ridiculous that the NBA does not include the hard work and efforts of the playoffs into a players career totals. If they did, then players like Kareem would actually have over 40,000 career points.

I understand that the NBA tracks playoff stats separately, but I think it is a misrepresentation of a player's achievement to not include playoff numbers in their all time stats. I suggest you write your congressmen and have them put some pressure on David Stern to correct this problem and have them re-calculate every player's career stats to include playoff games.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Javale McGee

Javale McGee is a paradox. One one hand he consistently pulls off some of the biggest bone headed plays I've ever seen, yet he also makes some of the most amazing crazy athletic plays. I recently did a post about dunking and questioned if it counts as a dunk if the player doesn't actually touch the rim. I would have to add his most recent dunk to my prior list and yes, this counts as a dunk. The Nuggets  have become on of  my top 5 favorite teams to watch  for highlights this year because of their fast paced action and dunking.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Least Favorite NBA Players

I'm a little reluctant to write this post since it's not very nice to make a list of NBA players I don't like...but I'm still going to do it. First of all, let me preface my comments by saying I think some of these players are amazing and extremely talented and I have not criticizing their skills. They are probably good guys, but there is something about these players that bothers me. It's frustrating when I admire what they are able to do on the court but I still am not a fan of them. I think it boils down to the vibes they give off.

Josh Smith- He has some crazy blocking and dunking abilities but the guy always wears a scowl. He doesn't come across as being a happy person.

Rajon Rondo- I love his hustle play and his fake out playground moves but I think he has a bad attitude. Knowing that Ray Allen didn't get along with him doesn't help his case either.

DeMarcus Cousins- Is one of the more talented big men in the NBA, but I don't like his attitude. He is always getting technical fouls and tossed from games.

Kevin Garnett- KG is a legend but he just does too much chest pounding, trash talking, chest pounding, and attitude for my taste.

Carmello Anthony- Just doesn't seem like a team player. I know he is one of the greatest scorers in the game but I just can't put my finger on why I don't like watching him.

Zach Randolph- Maybe I'm just shallow and am biased because of his appearance but he doesn't look like an NBA player to me. He looks like a player who retired 10 years ago. Maybe it's cool that he is breaking the mold but I still don't like watching him play.

Andrew Bynum- Is just too immature, but I really started disliking him after seeing him take cheap shots on Beasley, Barea, and Wallace a couple years.

Charlie Villanueva- I once saw a cheap shot he put on a player and I haven't liked him since.

Anthony Davis- Don't hate me. I know he is just a rookie and a very likable guy, but I'm just not a fan yet. I felt the same way about Kevin Durrant his first two seasons before I warmed up to him so I've been wrong before.

These guys may be great players, but they are my least favorite players in the NBA.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

All-Star Weekend 2013

All-Star weekend used to be my all time favorite sporting event, but with time it has lost some apeal since it now seems to be more of a celebrity event than a sporting event. There is also just too much hype. I don't want to watch the musical guests perform or see Justin Bieber play basketball, I just want to see the most talented players do their thing.

Even though the event has lost some luster, I'm looking forward to the All-Star game this month. Is it just me or does it seem like half the players selected come from 3 or 4 teams? I'm still waiting to see who is going to compete in the dunk contest this year. Is the NBA going to wait until the day before the event to announce the participants an attempt to create more suspense?

Speaking of the dunk contest, please get more contestants. Having only 4 participants is like picking up the coverage during the semi-final round. Whoever does the worst automatically has bragging rights to say they were the fourth best dunker in the contest that year. The contest was much more exciting when you had more competition like the ones involving the participants in the photos below. Those were the days. You at least got to see more than a total of 12 dunks over the course of the evening.

These contestants were fun to watch

Also, please keep the lights turned on for the dunk contest. I remember back around the time when Jason Richardson won, the NBA decided it would be cool to hold the contest in the near dark. The footage looked more like it took place in a night club then it did on a basketball court. Last year's dunk by Paul George would have been cool if the ball and rim also glowed in the dark. I felt it was once of the better dunks but nobody will ever know since he elected to do it IN THE DARK!

Also lets please take it easy on the stupid props. Putting down a piece of tape at the foul line or sticking a sticker in the backboard is fine, but they have taken props way too far. I will pull my hair out if I see a phone booth, car, choir, or aircraft carrier used to somehow make a dunk look better. 

One final request...Please don't let the fans vote. I'd rather have Dr. J, Dominique, and other great dunkers decide who wins than a bunch of clueless fans texting in on their phones and turning it into a popularity contest.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pekovic's Evil Twin

I can not watch Minnesota play anymore without being distracted. Each time I see Nicolas Pekovic on the court I am reminded on Non from Superman 2. Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees this.

Monday, January 14, 2013

James Harden- Steps?

I am a big fan of James Harden. I loved watching him play with OKC and am glad he has the chance to be the star in Houston this year. As much as enjoy his style of play and the beard, I have been a little troubled by some of the highlights I've seen him featured in recently.

Harden is very effective driving to the basket, but on many of his drives I get the impression he is taking extra steps. I know everyone jumps on Lebron for travelling but I have been seeing a ton of Harden's plays recently where something just doesn't look right and my spidey senses think he might be getting in some extra steps.

I'm not bashing or criticizing his style of play. I just get an uneasy feeling when I watch him drive to the basket since I am anticipating a whistle for travelling but it's seldom happens. Am I the only one who notices this?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Does It Count As a Dunk?

When I think of dunks, I imagine players throwing the ball through the hoop and hammering their fist or hands against the rim. Sometimes a player can't quite get to the rim on the follow through but they are still up high enough to get it done.

I say if someone can jump high enough to throw the ball down through the hoop, then it counts as a dunk even if they never touch the rim.