Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Best NBA Player's Nicknames

If you are a popular NBA player, it's common to have a nickname. Sometimes players sound more like super heroes than they do athletes when you hear some of their aliases. Below I have listed just some of the more popular NBA player's nicknames. I have categorized them by how good I think the names are.

Favorite Nicknames
Dr. J- Julius Erving
Chocolate Thunder- Daryl Dawkins
The Diesel- Shaquille O'Neal
The Iceman- George Gervin
Magic- Ervin Johnson
Thunder-Dan Majerle
Air- Michael Jordan
The Microwave- Vinnie Johnson

Decent Nicknames
The Mailman- Karl Malone
The Glide-Clyde Drexler
AK47- Andrei Kirilenko
The Pistol-Pete Maravich
The Human Highlight Reel- Dominique Wilkins
Dr. Dunkenstein- Darrell Griffith
The Big Ticket- Kevin Garnett

Don't Really Care For These Names
The Dream- Hakeem Olajuwon
The Black Mamba- Kobe Bryant
The Matrix- Shawn Marion
The Birdman- Chris Andersen
The Stilt- Wilt Chamberlain
Silk- Jamaal Wilkes
The Truth- Paul Pierce
Zeke- Isaiah Thomas

Horrible Nicknames
The Round Mound of Rebound- Charles Barkley
Big Country-Bryant Reeves
The Whopper- Billy Paultz
Z-Bo- Zach Randolph
The Big O-Oscar Robertson
The Custodian- Brain Cardinal
The Worm- Dennis Rodman

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