Monday, May 16, 2011

Basketball Screamers

I remember watching UNLV beat Duke for the 1990 NCAA championship. At one point during the game, Moses Scurry got a rebound and screamed like he had just been disemboweled.

What was funny about this was the fact that there was no one near him and he didn't even have to fight for the rebound, yet he gave out this intense yell like he had just killed his enemy in battle. That was the moment I started noticing screamers.

I enjoy seeing players who are passionate and intense, but sometimes they can go overboard. If you dunk over a defender during a last second play to win the game, then I think an emotional scream is expected, but the situation should warrant such a display of emotion. I don't want to hear any screams after a player makes both of his foul shots in the first quarter.

I've noticed that the Celtics are the worst offenders when it comes to this. I hate seeing Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnet beat their chest, scream, and scowl every time they make a good play or get an and one call. There are many other emotional players in the NBA who are known for this including Carlos Boozer, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Joakim Noah.

When I see an amazing play, I have no problem with a player going primal and celebrating, but just make sure the play is worthy of the celebration.


  1. So true! Why do so many players make such angry faces when they should be happy after a good play?

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