Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Basketball + Wrestling = Entertainment

I think it is time that we combine two of the most entertaining sports into the perfect hybrid. I'm talking about  the NBA and the WWE. Can you imagine mixing the athletic plays of the NBA with the theatrics of professional wrestling?

If we could replace David Stern with Vince McMahon just imagine how much more exciting things would be. I know he already attempted this with the XFL, but he was looking at the wrong sport. Here are ten reasons why this merger would make the NBA more exciting.

1. The pyrotechnic introductions and theme music for each team would be improved. They'd swagger in from the portal instead of the customary introduction from the bench.

2. We'd see much more passionate interviews. Instead of the standard generic catch phrases and boring interviews, we'd hear inflammatory rhetoric and passionate speeches.

3. There would be improved behind the scenes locker room footage as we got a sneak peak of how players were planning to conspire against their rivals.

4. If you thought Joey Crawford missed some calls in the past, just wait until he is being distracted by Paul Pierce while Kevin Garnett has Chris Bosh in a choke hold.

5. The teams would get new exciting names. Boring names like Pacers, Knicks, Cavs would be replaced with Team Fury, The Punishers, and Shock and Awe. They'd also get new and improved costumes uniforms.

6. Each player would have a signature move or shot they would finish their opponent off with.

7. Folding chairs, tables, and ladders might occasionally make their way onto the court which would make things more dangerous and exciting.

8. Players might suddenly turn against their teammates and switch alliances to the opposing team in the middle of a game.

9. No more wimpy stuff like 3 seconds in the key, hanging on the rim, or technical fouls!

10. This sport would be a perfect place for many of the already expert floppers of the NBA to further showcase their acting skills.

Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman didn't even scratch the surface of this opportunity back when they gave it a shot.

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