Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Lonzo Ball

I know many people are sick of the Ball Brothers in the news, especially of hearing outlandish claims from their father LaVar. He can be irritating but I have to admit he has made better use of the media than Madonna, or the Kardashians over their careers. I think it is more the media's fault than his since they keep giving him attention. If they treated him like they do streakers at football games and just took the cameras off him and ignored him he might stop but until that day you can expect more claims like "I could beat Jordan in my prime" or"I was the first man to walk on the moon."

Anyway his son Lonzo was recently drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers and from what I have seen during the preseason, I have enjoyed watching him play. His first game was a total dud but he came back with several triple double games. I don't think he is the go to guy for scoring or a clutch player you build around but I have enjoyed watching him dish out assists. His assist game reminds me of Jason Kidd or Magic. No I'm not saying he is as good as Magic! He has not yet proved himself but I like his court vision and ball sense and how he can distribute the basketball.

Only time will tell but I'm sure we will see some great assists from him in the future.