Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Enforcers

I'd like to review some of the bad boys of the NBA who have reputations for being very physical and tough. Some of these guys may have been known for being cheap hatchet men, others may be known for starting fights and others for never backing down to an opponent. One thing they all have in common was their preference for physical play.

I'd like to differentiate between tough as in gritty, hard working, physical players like Steve Nash, Allen Iverson, Kobe, or Rondo as opposed to tough (most likely to have a physical altercation with their opponent). This post is for the men who developed reputations as intimidating enforcers. Here is my list.

Bill Lambier
Rasheed Wallace
Kenyon Martin
Charles Oakley
Karl Malone
Shaquille O'Neal
Ben Wallace
Rick Mahorn
Charles Barkley
Xavier McDaniel
Ron Artest
Dennis Rodman
Maurice Lucas

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