Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Getting the Opposing Team's Attention

It is pretty common to see the players on the bench freak out and jump up when one of their teammates has a nasty dunk or breaks someones ankles. It's a bigger compliment when the opposing team's bench is visibly impressed with their opponent's performance. I've seen this happen several times over the years and it always makes me laugh. I was recently looking at some old school 80's NBA games and came across this Larry Bird highlight when he scored 60 points against Atlanta. Watch around the 4:50, 5:00, and 6:00 minute marks and check out the Hawks bench reaction to his performance. It's awesome.

Here is a more recent occurrence from a couple years ago when Gerald Henderson threw down a dunk or to be more accurate a "thrunk" over Dwight Howard. Check out the two players at the end of the Lakers bench when they see it. It's just instinctual to stand up and freak out but one of the teammates tries to subdue Jamison's response.

It's always fun to see this happen. I'll keep my eyes posted for more example to share when I see them.

I found another example of this on a video featuring Gerald Green dunks. Check out the Houston bench on the last dunk in the video. They are doing everything in their power to stay seated on the bench but you can tell they want to go nuts over how high he jumps.

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