Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Jimmer Fredette Bandwagon

Today I'm going to jump on the Jimmer Fredette bandwagon. Being a BYU alumnus, I have always enjoyed watching the cougars play, but to tell you the truth, I have not been a hard core attendee at the Marriot Center since the 1979-1981 seasons when the team featured players like Danny Ainge, Greg Kite, Alan Taylor, and Fred Roberts. Going to those games was what really got me excited about basketball as a kid.

BYU has not had such a prolific scorer since Devin Durrant averaged 27.9 per game in 1984. That is one reason I am excited about Jimmer. It is hard to believe that a cougar is leading the nation in scoring. The biggest reason I'm impressed with Jimmer is his ridiculous range. I just laugh when I see how far he can shoot the ball from.

One of my favorite highlights of the year was when Greg Wrubell was doing the play by play against TCU and Jimmer steps up just within the 40 foot range and takes an unexpected jump shot. Wrubell says "Oh no..." as soon as he sees him force it from that far away. He then freaks out as it goes in. Pay attention at 1:27 of the following clip, it's hilarious.

Some people are critical of Fredette and say he won't do much at the next level. We've seen other big college stars fizzle once they get to the NBA (Adam Morrison), but who cares. I'm just enjoying his success one day at a time.

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  1. My bad. I forgot about Michael Smith who also averaged high 20's in the late 80's.