Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jerry Sloan Resigns

Today Jerry Sloan resigned as the head coach of the Utah Jazz. He took over that position back in 1988. His 23 year tenure was longer than any other coach with the same team in professional sports. He is the third most winning coach in the NBA. He's also the only coach to win 1,000 games with one team. His long time assistant coach Phil Johnson also resigned today with him, while assistant Ty Corbin has been named the new head coach of the team.

Many Jazz fans have been calling for a coaching change for years claiming Sloan was too set in his ways and was unable to adapt to the current game. I'm sure many people are celebrating this change. While I can see what they are talking about, I am going to miss Coach Sloan and his hard nosed style. I liked how he'd make rookies earn their playing time and didn't take crap from his players. In a league that is now run by superstar players instead of coaches, he will be missed.

Sloan has been a legendary coach and I'm going to miss seeing him yell at the refs. I'm sure other Jazz fans who have a love/hate relationship with him feel the same way. Hopefully the Jazz can adapt quickly to this change and get back on track again soon. Despite knowing this day would eventually come, I still feel a little shocked about it. Thanks for 23 great years!


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  2. Jerry, we love you. You did so many things well and we learned so much from you. Other than you didn't know when to call a time-out. You got so many things right. Wish you would have got a championship under your belt. The Jazz won't be the same team without you