Friday, January 5, 2018


I've been watching the NBA top 10 highlights since they started the feature a long time ago. I enjoy being able to spend 3 minutes on Youtube and get a recap of the top plays from the prior night's NBA action. When they originally started this feature they'd just play the audio from the games when they showed the highlights but eventually commentators were used. I've seen several commentators come and go over the years. The first commentator I remember was the enthusiastic Kyle Montgomery. I enjoyed his style but he disappeared a couple years ago.

Montgomery was eventually replaced by the greatest commentator ever aka the Goatmentator. His real name is Beau Estes and this middle aged white dude could rap and rhyme if he ever needed to find another job. He sometimes will incorporate a theme into the highlights like when David Bowie died or make some subtle Arrested Development references during his commentary. Here is a sample of his skills from a couple years ago.


The NBA uses several commentators for this feature and rotates them around. Some have been boring and bland and others with more personality. One guy that made a splash a couple years ago was an older guy with a gruff voice and long pauses who sounded horrible. He was dubbed the "Pireatemenator" at first due to his voice and style but he eventually grew on many viewers over time with his catch phrases like "Ricky Rrrrrrrubio."

Something happened recently that made viewers stop complaining about the Pirate. Several months ago the NBA hired a new young kid who is very obnoxious. He is known as the Cringemenator since he usually causes viewers to cringe 5 or 6 times during the highlights with his commentary. Here is a quick example of how obnoxious and distracting he can be.

When I see the likes and dislikes on the videos I can immediately tell who the commentator is. This year is the first time I have seen more dislikes on the videos than likes and it is all because of him. Some nights I think he reads all the hate comments and tones it down for a day or two and he is actually tolerable but then he will come back full force obnoxious by yelling "screet, screet" or a plethora of cringe worthy noises and comments. Some viewers complain about all the negative comments and ask why people get so caught up in the commentator. I say it is because we have no choice. Why ruin something good like basketball highlights with horrible commentary. Time will only tell what Cringemenator will do next with his "top ten to win,"

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