Friday, July 14, 2017

Team Loyalty

I think the last time I posted something on this blog was when Bill Russell won the MVP. Sorry for the extended hiatus but I'm back.

This month Gordon Hayward decided to leave Utah and play for the Boston Celtics. I was pleased to see the Jazz organization and most fans respect his decision even though it leaves a big hole on the Jazz roster. As much as I like Hayward and will miss having him on the team I don't understand the fans who all of a sudden hate him now and criticize him for leaving.

He fulfilled his contract, contributed to the team and did a great job of representing the organization, but he has decided to move on. It was a business decision and it's what he wanted for him and his family. People that call him a traitor don't seem to understand that.

I can understand fans losing respect for a player if they bash their organization, create problems for the team, and always complain about wanting to be traded, but Hayward has been squeaky clean

Those critical fans remind me of the ex boyfriends that girls have to take restraining orders out against. It's okay. Life happens and it's time to move on and focus on your current team. I even feel this way about Thunder fans when they turned against Kevin Durrant after he left. (I'll be doing a separate post about the Super Team topic later.)

Anyway I wish Gordon the best and think he is a good guy and hope to see his career continue to improve in Boston.

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