Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Skinniest NBA Players

Every time I watch highlights from the Detroit Pistons and see Tayshaun Prince, I am always shocked at how skinny the guy is. He gets the job done on the court, but it's a good thing he doesn't have to make his living posting up against the bigs in the paint.

Typically, basketball players are known for being tall and skinny, but some guys really stick out and look like they could use some more meat on their bones. Here is a list of some other horizontally challenged players I've noticed in the NBA.

John Salley- The spider was pretty thin when he started his career in Detroit as are many rookies.

Shawn Bradley-When he got to the NBA, his trainers had him eating insane amounts of calories in an effort to bulk up, but his metabolism didn't want to cooperate until he had been in the leauge a while.

Manute Bol- He is the poster child of skinny and the most obvious choice for this category. Being nearly 7' 7" only exaggerated his thin frame.

Reggie Miller- The guy was skin and bones when he played. After he shaved his head, he always reminded me of a chemo patient.

Allen Iverson- Apparently being skinny was not a disability when it came to scoring.

Richard Hamilton- I'm sensing a trend here with gaunt Piston players. Maybe it was something in the water in Michigan.

Kevin Durrant- I heard rumors that Durrant was the only rookie who could not pass the upper body strength test at the combine before he was drafted. He has obviously put on some muscle over the past several seasons, but he is still pretty lean.

Honorable Mentions- Larry Nance, Monte Ellis, Rajon Rondo, Andrei Kirilenko

After reviewing this list, it appears that being skinny is not really a problem since there are so many great players who have taken on an emaciated appearance.

What is the easiest way for a player to gain weight? Retire. It's pretty scary when you see some players 5 years after retiring from the NBA.

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