Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Madness Bracket Dilemma

I've heard that March is one of the least productive months in the work place due to the bracket predictions, friendly wagers, watching games, and talking about your picks to coworkers. I used to look forward to filling out my March Madness brackets, but I've had some bad experiences over the last several years.

I'm fortunate enough to have a boss who likes to have fun with bracketology and he encourages everyone to participate by submitting their predictions. Last year a co-worker who knows next to nothing about basketball won the office pool. Myself and a former college player came in dead last. How could this be? How could the two guys who knew more about basketball than everyone else in the office do so poorly?

I realized it was because in the past I have made the mistake of using the following criteria to make my predictions.

*Statistics and historical data
*Each team's overall record
*Who the experts predict will win each round
*The momentum a team has as they head to the Big Dance
*The school history and how many titles their program consistently wins
*A knowledge of particular players and their strengths and weaknesses

I have found that using the above criteria is nearly useless because it is too complicated. Instead, I am going to make my bracket predictions using the following two questions since this is what the girls in the office who have won the office pool over the last three years have done.

1- Which teams have the cutest uniforms (also known as outfits)
2- Which mascots are the most adorable.

At least I'm not bitter about my prediction abilities.


  1. Don't feel too bad. My bracket is pretty messed up now too.

  2. I actually didn't end up doing too bad this year. I got 3rd out of 20 employees.