Tuesday, February 14, 2012

14 Kinds of Players Who Drive Me Crazy

Over the years I have encountered all kinds of players in pickup games. Some are fun to play with and others get on my nerves. Here are a list of some of the players who drive me crazy. I'm sure you will recognize some of these descriptions.

1) Guys who want to prove they can shoot jump shots beyond Jimmer range. It's not so bad when they are on the other team, but it's no fun having these guys turn the ball over on your team.

2) Being stuck on a team with a bunch of Allen Iversons who have to showcase their mad dribbling skills and would rather lose every game than pass the ball to an open player.

3) The guy who has to argue and dispute EVERY single little call that happens EVERY time. These guys need to take up debate and give basketball a break.

4) The hot head who takes it personally whenever he is fouled and reacts like you were trying to take him out with a flagrant foul. Yes, I fouled your arm and I called a foul. That doesn't mean we have to duke it out in the parking lot after the game.

5) When a teammate invites friends to play on your team and they cut into your playing time. (7 is the perfect number for a team if you don't have injuries). I've had 12 guys show up for church ball games and it is nearly impossible to have any chemistry with that many players constantly subbing in and out.

6) When you have 9 players who want to play full court, but the 5 other prima donnas shooting around on the other side of the gym are too good to join your game.

7) The cheap shot artist who resorts to throwing elbows, undercutting, and flagrant fouls. Some guys are intentionally cheap and others are just clueless, yet as dangerous as a bull in a china shop.

8) The guy who has a 10 second reaction delay and waits to call fouls until after the other team has got the rebound and scored.

9) The wimp who calls a foul if you even look at him wrong. He is know for calling a foul every time he misses a shot if there is anyone near him.

10) The guy who thinks the clothes make the player. He usually wears NBA apparel and has a head band, shooting sleeves, and the most expensive shoes, ....and usually sucks.

11) Guys who don't want to take their turn subbing out because they think they are in such great shape and are not tired. They fail to realize that the 3 or 4 other guys sitting didn't come out because they were tired. It was so other players could have a chance to play!

12) The cocky trash talker. He seldom backs up his smack and it gets old hearing him blab all game in a lame attempt to intimidate the opposing team. See the "And One" guy.

13) The nearly 7 foot player who can not chew gum and walk at the same time but insists on playing point guard and turning the ball over or having it stolen every play bringing it up the court. Just because Magic Johnson and Kevin Durrant are tall and can handle the ball doesn't mean they can.

14) The guy who plays pickup games with his ear buds in. Last week I saw a kid was trying to play with full blown head phones! Is your music really that good that you can't unplug for a few minutes to actually be able to communicate with the guys you are playing with?

I'm sure I do things that bug other players at times, but I try not to resort to any of these 14 things. If you find yourself guilty of fitting a couple of these descriptions, go ahead and work on eliminating them from your game. Doing so may not improve your game much, but the guys you play with will like you a lot more.

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