Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hanging on the Rim

One of the first times I remember seeing a player really hang on the rim was when Sydney Moncrief dunked on a breakaway in the early 80's and had his feet taken out from under him. He held on the rim to protect himself until it was safe to come down. What has become a way of protecting oneself for some players has also evolved into a form of showing off and taunting for others.

I think this technical on Blake Griffin was pretty weak since he was just waiting for his feet to swing back so he could land, but he could have avoided it by just punching it down and not holding onto the rim. By the way, great defensive effort by the Lakers.

I'm afraid that the "protecting yourself" excuse gets thrown out when you decide to bring your fee up to the backboard. Sorry Nate.

So if you are going to hang on the rim whether it be for protecting yourself or just to rub your dunk in the opposing team's face, just make sure you hang on tight or this might happen.

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