Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 2012 Milestones

Suprisingly, I'm not going to address the Clippers huge come from behind win against the Grizzlies or Amare "hitting the glass". Instead, I'm going to give an all time stats update since the regular season is now over. Since I last updated this feature on 02/21/12, the players below have made the following accomplishments.

Kevin Garnett- passed Charles Barkely and became the #18 all time leading scorer, passed Shaq and moved up to #12 on the all time leading rebounds, and passed Gus Williams and Charles Barkley and is currently #19 in the all time steals category too.

Kobe Bryant- Passed Ron Harper and is now at #16 all time steals, just two picks behind Magic Johnson.

Dirk Nowitzki- Passed Barkley and leaped over Kevin Garnett so he is the new #18 all time scorer.

Tim Duncan- Passed Clyde Drexler for #26 in scoring, also passed Paul Silas and Dikembe Mutombo and is now #18 for all time rebounds.

Paul Pierce- Passed Tim Duncan and Clyde Drexler and is now #25 all time scoring, just behind his teammate Ray Allen.

Ben Wallace- Passed Dave Cowens and broke into the top 30 all time rebounders. He also passed Shawn Bradley and sits at #13 for all time blocks in the NBA.

Steve Nash- Passed Oscar Robertson and is now #5 on the all time assists leader board.

Andre Miller- Passed Maurice Cheeks and moved up to the #10 all time assists leader.

Some people might not think much of these milestones, but anytime you can pass a legend with your career totals, I think it deserves recognition.

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