Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Cleanest Reputations in the NBA

It seems that plenty of NBA players have tarnished their images over the years. It's easy to point fingers at high profile players who have problems with the law, drugs, gambling, paternity issues, or problems with teammates or coaches. I'd like to focus this post on some of the NBA players who are known for their clean reputations.

Being in the NBA could be a recipe for disaster for many young men. Imagine the temptations and potential problems that might arise if you were a young, rich, and traveling around the country with fans in every city. I'm not saying that all the guys below are squeaky clean, but they have done a good job of staying out of trouble and maintaining a good image and are good role models.

Kevin Johnson
AC Green
David Robinson
Dikembe Mutombo
Kevin Durrant
Grant Hill
Steve Nash
Ray Allen
Tim Duncan
Richard Jefferson
Dwayne Wade

I hope I don't jinx these guys by saying I think they have great reputations. Hopefully I won't read about a murder in a strip club that they were all at over the weekend. Anyway, my hat is off to guys who maintain a clean image, participate in community outreach programs, develop charitable foundations, and give back to their community.

I'm sure there are many more NBA players who have been generous with their time and money, who have also been good role models. Feel free to add any suggestions to the list.


  1. Derrick Rose....should be up there in the top 3 active players who have positive reputations. He and Duncan are so similar in many ways, most notably the quiet and humble personality

  2. Good call. From what I've seen from Rose, he appears to be a down to earth and humble guy.

  3. Kevin Garnett should be number 1 fpr the cleanest player ... said no one ever

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