Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Most Awkward Shooting Form

When I started playing basketball in 4th grade I taught myself how to shoot the ball. Because I was taller than most of my friends, I learned to pull the ball behind my head with both hands to protect it from defenders. As a result, I spent years of practicing an awkward behind the head shot with two hands. Luckily I was able to correct my form before I got to high school.

I've seen some ugly shooting form over the years. Some guys have no chance of making a basket with their pathetic form. Others are surprisingly accurate shooters despite having an awkward looking shot. As I was thinking about ugly form, Matt Bonner comes to mind. I'm surprised he makes as many shots as he does, but the NBA player who jumps to the top of the list in this category has to be Shawn Marion.

It's one thing to have a weird foul shot, many players do, but it's another thing to have a such an odd jump shot. The best way I can describe his form is what it might look like if someone was trying to throw a shot put with their elbows. I've heard others describe it as watching a T-Rex shoot a basketball.

For any Shawn Marion fans or family members out there, try not to take offense. I know the Matrix is a great player and he is 100 times better than me and he could beat me up, etc. etc... I'm just saying his jump shot is disturbing and it's amazing he has gone as far as he has with a shot like that. See for yourself.

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