Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Euroleague Insights

With the recent NBA lockout, there has been talk of some players going to Europe to play ball. I have respect for anyone who plays professional ball weather it be in the NBA or overseas. There have been many great players who have come out of Europe and I am not trying to disrespect the talent, however, I do find a couple things amusing about the European leagues.

The other day I was watching some highlights from Euroleague and nearly busted up laughing at the announcers. I believe it was a team from Greece playing one from Turkey and every player's name had about 7 syllables so it made for some tricky commentating.

The players in Europe seems to be much more physical. I think I would prefer playing against better talent and looking like an untalented fool as opposed to playing with more physical players and looking like a wimp.

What's up with the ball? The red, white, and blue balls were cool in the ABA, but the two-toned and striped ones are ugly.

I thought I had seen some ugly uniforms in the NBA over the years, but at least they were not bright neon and pin striped.

There are some other strange subtleties that I can't remember right now but watching European ball is kind of like watching a Canadian football game and then noticing something disturbing like a field goal planted in middle of the end zone.

I guess I should not be too critical of European ball since that may be all I have to watch next year for my basketball highlights if the NBA doesn't get things resolved soon.

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