Monday, November 30, 2015

Golden State on Fire

I have been impressed with Golden State over the last year and especially the first part of this season. They continue to lead the league win an amazing 18-0 start. The NBA records for the most consecutive wins is 33 wins set by the Lakers back in 1972. I kind of doubt they will be keep their streak going that long, but I think it would be cool if they beat it.

Tonight the Warriors play my Utah Jazz and I am not expecting an upset. One thing that has really impresses me about the Warriors is that they are playing so well as a team. They have an obvious All Star in Steph Curry but they don't have any other major super stars. I think Thompson, Barnes, Bogut, Iguodala, Green, Ezeli, and others are good players but it's not like a dream team stacked with big stars so that makes their success that much more impressive.

Another thing that astounds me is how Curry can have such an impact on the game as a smaller finesse player. I never would have imagined someone with his physique could be so dominant in the NBA. I love watching his style of play and it must be motivating for many young guys out there to see that you don't have to be 6'10" with dominating physical presences to excel at the game.

Back in the mid 80's I would have never imagined I would be excited to watch Golden State play but things change with time. I wish the Warriors the best of luck with their continued winning streak.


  1. 24 and 0 this season now and counting.

  2. 40 and 4 as of today but San Antonio should get some props too with a record of 38 and 6.

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