Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bob Costas- Amen

I know this is supposed to be a basketball blog, but I thought I'd comment on the recent remarks of Bob Costas concerning excessive celebrations and showboating in the NFL since cocky celebrations are not just unique to football. I know many people have criticized his comments and want him to chill out saying it's just a game, but I think he has some very legitimate points.

I enjoy watching great plays and don't have a problem with spontaneous celebrations, but I'm getting sick of seeing so many lame, rehearsed post play attention seeking celebrations. Maybe I'm getting old and I'm probably not as fun as I used to be, but I agree with Costas and I'm glad someone brought this up.

PS- Turn your music down. It's too loud!

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  1. Tom I always read this and love it. I just dont always comment. Keep up the good work.