Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Problem I have with Jimmer...

It has been fun to see Jimmer have a great year and collect a ton of awards. As much as I've enjoy watching him play, I recently realized there is something about him I don't appreciate. Because of his ridiculous shooting range, there are now countless young men trying to copy him and shoot three pointers a good 3-10 feet behind the three point line. Why is this a problem? Because they always seem to be guys that I'm stuck with on my team when I play pickup games!

Just today I had a kid on my team who was literally shooting 40 foot shots during our game. Seriously? They were more like Hail Mary passes than basketball shots. It's starting to rub off on everyone and it only gets reinforced when they occasionally make one.

Not many people can even attempt to dunk the ball from the free throw line, but any deluded soul can take 3 point shots that are well beyond their range. I've got a bad feeling that this is only going to get worse. Why do all the Jimmer wanna-be players always have to be on my team?


  1. Okay, I read it. Ha ha! That is too funny. I would hope that they teach more fundamental basketball at the great University of Utah with the new coaching staff. I can't stand to see the players on my team throwing up those prayers.

  2. This week I played a pick up game with a guy who took over 80% of our shots and they were all deep threes. He was the point guard and when we'd pass it in he'd drive down the court and put up Jimmer shots while he was being double teamed. I almost walked off the court during the game.

  3. I would have walked off the court. I love to see a great pass just as much a good shot!